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  • Origin: Obtained from the family of Fabaceae. It is an annual legume. Breaks away from its seed pod.
  • Health Benefits: Our Premium Quality Product fulfills the amount of protein in a human body. 
  • Online Availability: Get this high quality product from our Online Shopping Market Place in Pakistan.
  • 100% Natural and Organic: This premium quality product is free of all kinds of chemicals and contaminants. 
  • Delicious and Nutritious: It is full of essential minerals and vitamins and heavenly delicious.
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: Himalayan Chef White Chana is available in Craft Packaging. Which is also provided with a facility of resealing.


Find this purest form of product at our wbm offers only quality products to its consumers. It Contains numerous health benefits and is highly nutritious. Other Online Shopping Sites in Pakistan do not have products of such quality. You will not find even a tiny stone of stone in our Premium Quality Product. White Chana  is very important for making your bones strong. One regular cup of White Chana contains 267 g of energy, 14.4 grams of Protein, 4.2 grams Fat, 12.5 grams of fiber and 80.4 miligram of calcium and 4.7 grams of Iron. The amount of iron present in our High Quality product fulfils the deficiency of red blood cells in a human body. It is amazingly delicious and you can have it in your regular meal. 

How to Cook?

White is one of the most favorite dishes in most of the regions of Pakistan. You can make a delicious gravy of this High Quality product, using different spices. Eat it with Basmati rice. It would give you a fantastic taste if you have it Poori, Naan, Roti, Plain Paratha using Desi Ghee. 


  • Are your products certified?

Yes. Our all products are certified from many of the reputed international organizations. Our all High Quality products are certified from Halal Foods, Kosher Certified, NFC Vegan Certified, Non GMO Project, Judged # 1 Tasting Salt in the World.

  • How much time does it take in Delivery?

You can buy your Groceries Online from our Online Grocery Store. And your order will be delivered at your door within 3 to 4 business days.

  • Why to choose wbm?

Wbm is the leading brand in the international market. We have been serving our quality services to our esteemed customers for more than half a decade. The trust of our customers is the most valued asset of our company. We believe in 100% customer’s satisfaction. We passionately deliver quality. We offer 100% money back guarantee.

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