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  • CLEAN & RESTORATION: Unique black color, rich in natural waxes, oils, and dyes, cleans and preserves the colors of cleaning shoes and leather handbags, handbags, cabinets, accessories, and furniture
  • IMPROVED BOOT & SHOE POLISH: This dynamic, quick-repairing leather cream protects and refreshes all kinds of shoes, boots, and high heels. Bring new life to an exhausted and well-traveled couple, rather than throwing them away
  • INSTANT LONG-LASTING RESULTS: Only a small amount is needed to restore the shoes to their original color and hide the scratches on the leather surface. Our shoe cream fills ugly cracked lines and heals damage caused by winter conditions such as rain, snow, salt, and mud
  • EASY MESS-FREE APPLICATION: WBM Black Shoe Cream makes old shoes and boots look new. It is easier to apply than paste and much less hassle than liquid paint. You will soon notice a significant improvement with just one application
  • PREMIUM QUALITY PRODUCTS: WBM prides itself on the highest quality resources and production process. Our high-quality leather shoe cleaner is safe and effective to use on expensive designer shoes

This shoe polish cream gives a long-lasting mirror shine and protects smooth skins from dirt and water. The shoe polish easily fits in purses, briefcases, and table drawers. WBM’s black shoe cream treat with liquid polishes to polish your shoes in seconds.


At WBM, we believe that style should be honest and low, elegant and not wrong. This true mastery is not easy to define individually, but because of the many details that arise together. When you see a shoe, you know a perfectly polished shoe and, we know what it takes to take it off and make it glow.


Key Feature:
Instant Shine Black Shoe Cream Protects Smooth Leather Shoes and Handbags. 
Large applicator installed for ease of use.


How To Use:
Lightly sponge your shoes with polish cream and make sure they are clean and dry. It is suitable for all smooth skin and is rich in natural beeswax.

WBM Black Shoe Polish is with a touch of beeswax, emulator, polymer, resin, anti-foam, water.


Question: Will it change the original color of the shoes or other leather products?

 Answer: No, it will not change the original color of the product. But it will be a bit darker and enhance the beauty by giving more shine.

Question: Do you need a brush to use this product on shoes?

Answer: Yes, it’s quick and easy to brush off and leaves a great shine.

Question: Is it for brown color or can use it for black?

 Answer: Yes, it has unique brown color and works perfectly on all brown color shoes. WBM cares for its customers. We manufacture products according to your requirements. You can buy other color shoe cream from our website.

Question: Can it be used to cover the scratches on leather stuff?

 Answer: WBM products are manufacture for old and messy shoes. It covers the scratches and enhances the beauty of the product by giving it a new look.

Question: Is this wax-based?

 Answer: No, this is cream-based polish. But a small amount of beeswax is added to increase the glossy look of the shoes. And manufacture with pure ingredients.

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