Mr. Clean Toilet Cleaner Original Fresh- 709ml

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Mr.clean toilet Cleaner Orignal Fresh clean your toilet in some seconds.

It reaches in every hard area due to the Meadows rain pump.

Toilet Cleaner remove all stains quickly and leaves a fresh scent.

It can remove and kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

It helps to destroy toilet bowls rings

It has tough power on toilet stain.



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The only thing better than the muscle to blast through tough messes is when those muscles smell really, really pretty. Well good news, this Toilet cleaning spray with Febreze Meadows and Rain scent delivers the best of both worlds. It cuts grease, removes grime, and powers through dirt, all while leaving a light, fresh scent. Use this toilet cleaner all around the bathroom to clean sinks, toilets, and more!

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