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  • Pink Salt: Salt 84 Pink Salt is 100% natural, non-GMO, Kosher, and vegan-friendly. Fine Salt is full of flavor that makes your food more delicious
  • Regular Salt VS Pink Salt: Pink Himalayan Salt is better than regular sea salt. Pink salt can be used as regular table salt. Pink Salt involves no processing of any kind. Kosher salt is free from additives, dyes, and preservatives
  • UNIQUE AND PREMIUM: Ethically sourced from deep mined from the foothills of the Himalayan mountain of Pakistan. Himalayan Chef Pink Salt offers you a unique taste and texture that's like no other
  • HELPS SOOTHE MUSCLES AND SOFTEN SKIN: Aside from using it as table salt for a healthier alternative to food, the Himalayan salt can also help soothe your muscles while leaving softened skin through mineral-rich pink salt bath soaking
  • FILLED WITH VITAL NUTRIENTS: Himalayan Pink Salt was never heat-treated or refined, it maintains its beneficial mineral content that leaves a striking pink color. This salt is packed with over 84 minerals and trace elements including calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron
  • NATURALLY, PINK & CERTIFIED: Our Himalayan Salt is Kosher Certified, Non-GMO, and is free from any preservatives, bleaches, and other harsh chemicals

Himalayan Chef - Largest Pink Salt Brand In the World

Natural Pink Salt

Natural pink salt is grounded from the Himalayan mountains where salt was formed millions of years ago. Himalayan pink salt is used in modern cooking around the world, and this amazing natural salt is renowned for its nutritional and health benefits. Himalayan pink rock fine-grain Salt contains 84 rich nutritional minerals which include high quantities of calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, zirconium, and iodine. The pink hues serve as an indication of high iron content. It is packed in a convenient shaker bottle for quick and easy use.

How to Use?

  • a) Culinary & Cooking.
  • b) Perfect for everyday use as cooking and seasoning salt. 
    c) Essential Minerals for wellbeing.
  • d) Great for use in Bath & Spa as it stimulates blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, and removes toxins such as heavy metals from the body.

How to select the grain size?
Salt 84 is available in different grain sizes as follows:
•Extra Fine (0-0.5mm) – Ideal for use in salt shakers and sprinkling directly onto the food.
•Fine (0-1mm)- Suitable for many culinary/health uses ( note: will be larger than regular “ table salt”)
•Coarse (2-3mm) – Recommended for use in grinders.


Himalayan pink salt available in a variety of packaging, sizing, and salt grain sizes (powder, fine, coarse), suitable for different applications and use. It has Convenient refill pouches and shakers which perfect for food storage, and excellent for travel.


Q#1 From which country pink salt originates?

Punjab Pakistan is the hub of Pink Salt, mined from the 800 Million Years old Himalayan salt range.

Q#2 What is the mineral content of your product?

Our product is supplemented with 84 vital minerals and trace elements, majorly containing Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Iron.

Q#3 Is there any lead content in your salt?

No. Our Himalayan Pink Salt is tested negative for any toxicity. Our product is 100% free from lead and other heavy metals.

Q#4 Does the salt contain any anti-caking additives?

No. Our Pink Salt is free from all kinds of additives/ preservatives.

Q#5 What is the lifespan of Himalayan Chef Pink Salt?

Our Himalayan Chef Pink Salt goes up to 250 Million years without getting expired and can be kept for a long time if stored away from moisture and heat that are the main reasons for bacterial growth.

Q#6 Is it non-iodized?

The Himalayan Chef Pink Salt has a trace amount of iodine present in the salt. No preservatives/additives and no iodine added like in common table salt.

Q#7 How is the Pink Salt different from available Regular Salt?

The Himalayan Chef Pink Salt is 100% natural and organic, full of minerals and antioxidants, additives-free, free from harsh chemicals, and better from Regular Salt.

Q#8 What grain sizes of Himalayan Chef Pink Salt are available?

Our Himalayan Pink Salt is available in 2-grain sizes; Coarse Grain (2-3 mm) is suitable for grinders, Fine Grain (0-1 mm) has many health uses.

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