Pack of 3- Daal Masoor, Daal Mong & Daal Mash Washed

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Origin: Obtained from the seeds of plants from the legume family. Deliver to you in the purest form. 

Minerals in Daal Masoor: With its delicious taste it contains Calcium, phosphorus, iron, fiber and protein. 

Purest Form: Not any kind of artificial flavor or any artificial color is added in our Premium quality products.

Uses: Use our 100% natural and 100% organic products for cooking different dishes. These are used in veggie burgers and Dal Curries.

Easy to cook: These can be cooked within 15-20 minutes. Do not require much of the for soaking.


Our High quality products do not burden your stomach. These always keep you lighter and never gluttons your body. These can be cooked by adding different spices and according to the consumer’s preference. wbm offers a pack of three and each packaging is of 400 G. Three products are offered in a combined form at a discounted price. You can get Daal Masoor Washed, Daal Moong Washed and Daal Mash Washed in one packaging. This pack of three meets your food needs for a while and sustains for a longer duration. These are available in Craft Packaging which are also provided with a seal. This seal packaging helps consumers in easy and fast opening of products. Seal given on the packaging of these products also helps in maintaining the quality of the products. The facility of resealing in the packaging does not allow the air to pass through the product. In this way, freshness of the product sustains for a longer period of time. 

Cultural Food:

Our high quality products are the most favorite dish of almost every home in Pakistan. Most of the people like to have Daal in their afternoon meal. These are included in the cultural dishes of our region. Most often these are eaten with rice and many prefer it with roti, it depends upon the preference of consumers.

Power Packed nutrients of Daal Masoor:

As per consumption of ¼ of a regular cup it contains 230 calories, 58% of Carbohydrates, 19% of Fat and 23% of Protein. This few amount of Daal Masoor fulfills all basic nutritional requirements of a human body. There is also 15 grams of dietary fibre present in ¼ cup of a regular cup. If one wants to fulfil the requirement of iron in his body then our premium quality product can fulfill the need. 

Get multiple health benefits from Daal Moong:

Daal Moong improves the performance of cholecystokinin which increases the metabolism rate of a human body and helps in reducing weight. The presence of Iron and Potassium in Moong Dal stabilizes blood pressure and helps in maintaining the regular heartbeat. It fights against diabetes and produces butyrate (a fatty acid) and does not let gas accumulate in your stomach.

Daal Mash cures wrinkles: 

When two of these Premium quality products ( Masoor Dal and Daal Mash) are crushed together by using some rose water, almond oil or glycerin. The paste of these two products is one of the best remedies for curing face wrinkles. 

How to cook?

You can cook these products using some spices and have it with some onions or salad. Our high quality products are used for making Khichdi. Add delicious spices after boiling these in hot water. 


  • Can Your Quality Packaging Help in Storing Daal?

Craft Packaging adds more protection to the products. Because of our high quality packaging the product can be stored for several months without having any kind of harm or damage.

  • What certifications Do Your Products Have?

Our all products are certified from the reputed international organizations. Our all products have certifications of Halal Foods, Kosher Certified, NFC Vegan Certified, Non GMO Project, Judged # 1 Tasting Salt in the World.

  • Why Shall You Prefer Our Brand?

The name of our brand is synonymous to the quality. We have been proudly serving our esteemed customers for the past half century. We never compromise on the quality. It is the aim of our business to serve you healthy and clean eating. We offer our customers 100% money back guarantee if they do get satisfied with our products. The trust of our customers on the name of our brand is our highly regarded asset. We promise and we deliver.

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