Pack of 2 - Pink Salt Fine Bag with Refillable Small Shaker

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Get your Himalayan Pink Salt delivered at your door by taking the complete advantage of Online Shopping in Pakistan.

We offer our customers Grocery Home Delivery services with complete responsibility. 

Make your Grocery Shopping List today and Buy Himalayan Pink Salt Online to add taste in your food. 

100% Organic Pink Himalayan Salt is full of health benefits, it helps in decreasing the cramps of muscle.  

Pink Himalayan Salt Nutrition includes a number of minerals and vitamins.


We deliver you 100% organic Himalayan Rock Salt which is obtained from the oldest and largest mines of the world.  The purest form Pink Salt reaches to you by undergoing through the process of mining from the regions of Punjab. We offer you pack of 2 in secured and protective packaging, it saves you cost and remains in use for a longer period of time. It is worth a lot more than it costs. It is available in Small Glass Shakers of 8 LBS and 120 G.

Purities of our unique product:

Our 100% pure Pink Rock Salt is enriched with more than eighty nutritional minerals. We deliver you the finest quality of our product, without any addition of chemicals and anti-caking agents. 

How to Use?

There are several uses of our premium quality product. You can cook it with your daily meal, curing diseases and for relaxing your body. Have it according to the requirement of your food and taste. Per quarter soups and sauces requires one tablespoon. 

What effects scrubbing Himalayan Salt will have on the human body?

When Himalayan Pink Rock Salt is scrubbed on a human body, it makes you feel more relaxed. Overall the skin becomes soft and smooth and removes dead cells from skin. 

How Craft Packaging is perfect for Pink Salt?

Craft packaging keeps the product fresh and protects from environmental damages. Air tight lids of our product do not allow the air to pass through it. The perfect packaging of our premium quality product is reusable and keeps the environment clean and safe. 


  • Can customers return the product if they are not satisfied?

We offer our customers 100% money back guarantee, if they are not satisfied with our products. Trust of our esteemed customers on our brand is the secret of our success. We believe in delivering quality.

  • What certifications does your company have?

Our all products are certified from the most reputed institutions. Our quality products are certified from Halal Foods, Non GMO Project, and Judged # 1 Tasting Salt in the World, NFC Vegan Certified and Kosher Certified.

  • Why should patients of blood pressure use Pink Salt carefully?

Sodium Chloride is the basic component of Pink Salt, which can raise blood pressure in a human body. That is why patients of High Blood Pressure Shall avoid high consumption of Himalayan Salt.

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