White Salt Lamp - 5-7 LBS | Himalayan Glow

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  • This beautiful looking lamp, Hand Carved from Himalayan Rock Salt comes with gentle night light.
  • Not only it enhances the look of any setting but also creates a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere by illuminating a warm amber glow.
  • Perfect choice in the center of a coffee table, desk. Great for meditation, yoga spaces, and as a night light.

Himalayan White Salt Lamp - 5-7 LBS Himalayan White Salt Lamp - 5-7 LBS Himalayan White Salt Lamp - 5-7 LBS

WBM White Himalayan Salt lamps are works of art that will give your space a rare style that sets you apart from the crowd. Himalayan salt lamps provide a pure and natural source of light. Great as a night light, bed light, meditation light, or prayer light. It helps you sleep better at night, and allowing you to wake refreshed. This salt lamp as a Gentle Night Light, or To Create a Romantic Mood. It is a Perfect Gift for Anyone at Any Time.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamp:

  • The health benefits of Himalayan salt lamps in home or office can help with many health problems, such as asthma and allergies.
  • Improves concentration, reduces depression, reduces insomnia
  • Himalayan salt lamps are effective in rebalancing the body’s frequencies and vibrations.

Inside the Box:
1 X 15-Watt Light Bulb
1 X Himalayan Salt Night light with Dimmable Switch
1 X User Manual

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