Natural Hand Carved Pink Salt Lamp 3-5 Lbs | Himalayan Glow

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  • Contemporary style hand carved lamp made from 100% pure Himalayan Rock Salt.
  • Each Lamp has its own unique shade and colours that ranges from pale to deep pink.
  • Excellent home décor item that will beautifully lighten up your home, office or workplace.

Pink Salt Lamp-3-5LBS Pink Salt Lamp-3-5LBS Pink Salt Lamp-3-5LBS

A unique hand carved from Himalayan Rock Salt lamp; it is a perfect gift for any occasion.  Not only it will lighten up you home, office or workplace, but its beautiful warm glow is known to have calming effect on the environment.

Benefits of Salt Lamp:

  • Himalayan Salt Lamps works to enhance the ionic balance of your living spaces
  • It would be an elegant and novel gift for graduations, birthdays, thank-you, and special occasions.

*Please note due to naturally existing variations in source Himalayan salt rocks, each product may slightly differ in color and texture.   

Inside the Box.
1 X 15-Watt Light Bulb
1 X Himalayan Salt Night light with Dimmable Switch
1 X User Manual of salt lamp

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