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WBM Care Handkerchief Tissue Paper (Pack Of 10) - 3Ply

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  • SEPTIC & SEWER SAFE: WBM Care Toilet Tissue Paper breaks down easily while flushing and is safe for septic systems
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE: During traveling, you don’t need to buy tissue paper from outside. WBM Care Handkerchief with 3ply sheet is designed to adjust in your purse, hand carry, and pocket
  • RECYCLABLE PRODUCT: WBM Care Tissue Paper is manufacture from natural and pure tree pulp. And it is recyclable without leaving an effect on the environment
  • UNBLEACHED PRODUCT: Those having sensitive and allergic skin is guaranteed to use WBM Care Tissue Paper, which is unbleached and sterilized to keep their skin safe, clean, and vigorous
  • FEEL THE DIFFERENCE: WBM Tissue Paper is more absorbent, soft with hypoallergic wipe it stops irritation. that is absolute for dull and tense skin
  • 100% TREE FREE: Use WBM Care Toilet Paper to save motherland for yourself and future generations. Save Tree Save Lives

Made with the finest quality wooden pulp, these tissue packs are great for face cleaning. These are very soft and super absorbent. These tissues work wonderfully well to wipe off the dirt from your face and hands.

Key Feature:

  • The handkerchief has multiple layer thickness sheets.
  • Each pack includes a bulk set of 10 sheets and 3 ply of soft and smooth napkins.
  • These are made of 100% wood pulp & amp and it is free from artificial color.
  • WBM handkerchief is environmentally friendly.

WBM Handkerchief Tissues WBM Handkerchief Tissues WBM Handkerchief Tissues


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