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  • Fantastic Performance: Obtained from fruits. Avocado and rose are included in it. 
  • Kills Bacteria: Fights strongly against viruses.
  • Himalayan Pink Salt is used in creation: Helps in removing excessive amounts of dirt.
  • Good for the softness of skin: Using it twice in a day. Saves from recurring fevers.
  • Online Availability: Get it from our Online Shopping Market Place in Pakistan.
  • Reduce Irritation: Solves the problem of itching.


Full of vitamins. The presence of amino acid in Hand Wash Rose provides you relaxation. The use of this product kills those germs which are transferred from one person to another by shaking hands. Saves you from respiratory infections. Not only this, do not let your eye get infected. The skin is a sensitive part of our body. We have to take care of it a lot. Washing hands is the first step towards protection. Save yourself and your family from many diseases by using this high-quality product. You can get it from our Online Grocery Store. The redness which happens because of the heat of the sun. This High-Quality product will also resolve that problem. The basic advantage of using Sulfate-free and Silicon free products is that you do not lose the natural softness of your hands. Place your order now for also having a fantastic fragrance. 


This product is specially manufactured for external use. Do not let this product enter your eyes. If mistakenly this happens, then wash your eyes properly. If still the irritation is not gone then immediately concern your doctor. 


How to wash your hands?

First of all, it is important to pour some water on your hands. At this point do not forget to turn off the tap of your tap. Play your role in saving water. You just require a small amount of WBM Care Hands. Properly Wash your hands and scrub them for at least 20 seconds for killing bacteria. 

What is the importance of washing hands?

Most often it happens we unintentionally touch our face. It is the thing which we cannot control because it is a part of our physical behavior. And, viruses spread by touching our faces by our own hands. The use of WBM Care Hand Wash Rose- 400ml minimizes the risks of getting sick. The germs are killed and it saves us from various infections.

What diseases can you get if you don't wash your hands?

It saves from many respiratory diseases. Diseases of which common cause is poor hygiene. Protects from meningitis, cold, chickenpox, and influenza.

Should you wash your hands after eating?

It is good to wash your hands after finishing your food. It would be better if you use antibacterial soap. In this way, foodborne illnesses are controlled.

Is it necessary to wash hands after pooping?

Every time wash your hands with WBM Hand Wash 400ml after using the washroom. Our waste contains lots of germs. It also includes E.coli. This could be a very cruel reason for our sickness. We cannot see the attack of germs but these cause damage dreadfully.
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