Pack of 3 Pulses - 2 Lbs Each ( Daal Chana, Masoor Whole, Black Chana)

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  • Origin: Plants of the legume family are its origin. Which are planted in early spring season and harvested in late summers.
  • Important Nutrients: Full of essential nutrients which your regular diet requires. Provide low fat and high fiber.
  • Pack of 3: Three products are combined in one packaging and weight of each is 2 Lbs. Daal Chana, Daal Moong and Black Chana are available in one packaging. 
  • Health Benefits of Black Chana: Fulfils the requirement of Protein in your regular meal and maintains cholesterol level in your body. 
  • Purest form: We offer 100% natural and organic products which are free from all sorts of chemicals and preservatives. 
  • Protective Packaging: We offer quality Craft Packaging which adds more protection to products. 
  • Resealable Packaging: All of these three products come with a resealable packaging. And, maintains the quality of the products. 


Three of the major requirements of every Kitchen are combined in one package. These are cost effective and sustain for a longer period. Daal Chana, Black Channa and Masoor Whole are the basic items of every home’s grocery. Keeping in view the requirements and demands of consumers wbm offers a discount on this pack of 3. All of these three high quality products contain numerous health benefits and nutritious values which a human body necessarily requires for living a healthy life. wbm promises its consumers quality products which are free from all kinds of preservatives, chemicals and additives. These three products are available in Craft packaging which protects the product from different kinds of harms and damages. Craft packaging is reusable and keeps the environment clean and safe. 

Health Benefits of Daal Chana:

Our premium quality Daal Chana can be easily digested, there is a higher amount of soluble and insoluble fibers present in Daal Chana. Daal Chana also makes you energetic. As per one serving of Daal Chana you get 8.3 g of Protein, 25.4 g of Carbohydrates, 6.4 g of fiber and 9.7 g of Fat. One of the blessings of Daal Chana is that it keeps you away from diabetes. And, the people who are striving hard for reducing their weight shall include our High Quality Product in their daily diet. Healthy diet of Daal Chana reduces weight. 

Popularity of Masoor whole in Traditional Dishes:

Our premium quality Masoor Whole is the most popular dish among most of our traditional dishes. In our region many of the families like to eat it at least once in a week because of its health benefits. As per consumption of one regular cup of masoor Daal, we get 19 grams of protein. Phosphorus is also present in Daal masoor which is an important constituent of Daal masoor. Phosphorous brightens your teeth. Calcium as an ingredient of Daal masoor makes your bones more strong. 

Black Chana Eliminates Harmful Toxins:

There are multiple of the health benefits of our high quality Black Chana. But the one quality which is admired by most of our consumers is that it eliminates harmful toxins from a human body. It helps in keeping your digestive system healthy. 

How to Cook?

Black Chana: Before cooking black chana requires some washing, and put in water for almost three to four hours. Then it becomes ready for cooking. You can add different spices in your meal to add more flavor.

Daal Chana: You can make dal chana with your soft and delicious roti. Our premium quality dal chana can be used for making various dishes. You can add Daal Chana in Palak. You can make paratha of Daal chana and you can make Pancakes with Daal Chana. And, you can also add it in your salad for making it more delicious.

Masoor Whole: Masoor whole also requires to be put in water for some time. Add it in your pressure cooker with one and half cups of water. Add all the important ingredients according to your requirement. Have Daal Chana with rice. A paratha with masoor whole is the most yummy combination. 


  • Do all these products come with resealable packaging?

Yes, all the products available in this pack of 2 come with resealable packaging. Seal packaging protects the product in a more protective and secure manner. Seal allows consumers to use the product easily. In this way, they can also close the product easily after using. High  Quality of these packaging is cost effective and environmentally Friendly. It is reusable and Craft does not pollute the environment. By offering this high quality packaging we play our role in keeping the environment clean and safe. 

  • Are your products certified?

All of our products are certified from many of the internationally reputed organizations. Our products have certifications of Halal foods, Kosher Certified, NFC Vegan Certified, Non GMO Project, Judged # 1 Tasting Salt in the World.

  • Why to choose wbm?

We can proudly say that we have been serving our esteemed customers for the past half century. We deliver our quality products all over the country. We never compromise on quality. Our aim is to provide our consumers the best of our services. We always make firm promises and we fulfil those. That is the secret of our success in the international market. We offer our privileged customers 100% money back guarantee if they are not satisfied with the quality of our products. It is our duty to deliver you clean and healthy food at your door.

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