Pack of 3 - Red Chilli, Pink Salt & Turmeric Powder

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100 % Natural and Certified: Reaches to you from the areas of Himalayas and Himalayan Chef Pink Salt is obtained from rock crystals after the process of mining.

Uses of Pink Salt: Our Pure Himalayan Pink Salt makes your meal more delicious, It is used with meats, vegetables, soups, salads and with all baking items. 

Red Chili Powder Derivation: Red Chili Powder is made up of chili peppers and our product is 100% natural without any kind of preservatives. 

Advantages of Red Chili Powder: Our Premium Quality Product helps in reducing weight and acts as a pain reliever. 

Turmeric Powder Description: Our Turmeric powder is famous all over the country, it is used to add color in foods and cosmetics. We provide 100% organic and non-irritated products to our customers.

red chilli

Red Chilli


We offer three different products in one single packaging to fulfill the requirement of our privileged customers. All these products are nutritionally dense and loaded with numerous minerals vitamins. 

Advantages of Buying Pack of 3:

  • It is cost effective.
  • Fulfills immediate requirement. 
  • Stock of spices easily fills up.
  • Products remain fresh and safe.

Natural Origins of Our Products: All products in this pack are 100% naturally originated, and there is no artificial color added into these products. We promote clean eating and we always follow our passion of providing quality. 

Our Belief in 100% Customer’s Satisfaction:  We offer our privileged customers 100% money back guarantee, if they are not satisfied with our products even after using it. We have been delivering quality products all over the world since decades and we have never compromised on the quality. That is why our customers prefer buying our Premium Quality Products. 

Sizes of different items: There are three different products available in this pack of three and all these have different sizes. Himalayan Chef Pink Salt is available in 354 g, Red Chili Powder is available in 150 g and Turmeric Powder is available in (165 g). 

How Can Red Chili Powder Be used?

Our Premium Quality Red Chili Powder is a major component of the Latin Dishes. A spoonful of chili powder adds more taste into grilled meats, vegetables and soups. 

How Can Red Turmeric Powder Be Used?

You can use our Turmeric Powder of purest quality by blending into smoothies, take one teaspoon of Turmeric Powder to add flavor in your regular meal. Half a teaspoon can make your rice dishes more delicious and tasty. 

Secured Packaging:

We promote an eco-friendly environment by offering craft packaging of all products. In this way, we play our part in keeping the environment clean and safe. Packaging of these three products is available with a plastic wrap which contains three holes of three different sizes small, large and extra-large. These holes facilitate consumers in easy opening of the product. Quality packaging protects from different environmental damages and keeps the product fresh. 


  • Which brand sells the best quality of Turmeric Powder?

We have built the trust of our customers by serving the quality products, we never compromise on quality that is why we are the ruling brand in the international market. It is the trust of our customers on our quality services, which make us deliver with our complete responsibility. 

  • What Certifications our products have?

All of our products are certified from trustworthy and reputed institutions, we have Halal Food certifications, Judged # 1 Tasting Salt in the World, NFC Vegan certified and Kosher Certified. 

  • Does Red Chili cause any harm if consumed every day?

Excess of everything is bad, if a person consumes too much chili then it can have side effects of memory loss.

  • What are the nutrition facts of Himalayan Pink Salt?

As per serving of ¼ teaspoon of Himalayan Pink Salt, it contains Sodium 420g (17% DV), Protein 0g (0% DV), Total Fat 0g (0% DV) and Total Carb 0g (0% DV) and Calories 0g.

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