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  • Origin: Himalayan Red Chilli Powder is a blend of herbs, chilli peppers and native to South and Central America
  • Taste and Aroma: Mild spicey to fiery hot with a consistent aroma
  • Uses: Chilli Powder is ideal for cooking lentil dishes and spicy meat
  • Health Benefits: Red Chilli Powder acts as an anti-inflammatory, diabetes management in the body and flush toxins from the body
  • Certifications: Gluten-Free, Vegan, Halal, and Kosher certified product
  • Natural and Organic: Our product is 100% natural and organic, preservative-free
  • Customer Satisfaction: Quality is our passion therefore we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee to our customers who are not satisfied

Detail description

Chilli Powder consists of 100% pure chilli peppers and herbs, adding spicery flavor to your dishes. The flavorful spice is grounded in powder and used as a spice in Indian cuisines. chilli powder has a lot of beta-carotene that our body needs to produce Vitamin A. Our premium-spice provides carbs, fiber, and proteins, high in antioxidants, and contains an adequate proportion of iron beneficial for blood health.


Can I pay after receiving my Groceries?

Yes, we create the maximum facility for our esteemed customers. The customers can pay their bills after getting their items.

Any quantity of gluten is present in red chili?

No, our red chilli is completely gluten-free.

Why choose WBM? 

WBM is one of the leading brands in the international market. Our business aims to serve quality products to our esteemed customers. We have been delivering quality for the past half a decade with our complete honesty and dedication. Our most precious asset is our customers' trust in us. Order now at our Online Grocery Store. Your order would be delivered within 3 to 4 business days.

Is this red chili good for steaks?

It’s been best on everything, including steaks. As our red chili is in powder form so it can easily be used in steaks and other related food.

How fresh the red chili powder is?

It’s completely fresh.

For what reason is red chilli so well known?

Red Chilli is famous for its sharpness, taste, and flavor. It was expensive during the old eras. Apart from its uses in cooking, it has health benefits also.

What are the advantages of red chili?

Red Chilli has several benefits. It Keeps cholesterol levels down, boosts your immunity, makes you feel better, minimizes inflammation, and detoxifies the body.

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