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  • Origin: Himalayan Chef Cumin Seeds are small, slender annual herbs of the Apiaceae family, cultivated in China, India, and Mexico
  • Taste and Aroma: Cumin Seeds have a strong and heavy distinctive aroma, having an earthy flavor and reminiscent of caraway
  • Nutritional Value: Cumin is naturally iron-rich, providing 20% of your daily iron
  • Usage: Cumin Seeds contain 2.5 and 4.5% essential oil, the principal component of cumaldehyde, used in the perfumery, medicinal purposes, and flavoring a variety of liquors
  • Health Benefits: Cumin aid digestion by digestive protein’s activity, treats diabetes, and improves blood sugar level
  • Natural and Organic: Cumin Seeds are 100% natural and organic and reach our customers in their purest form without the addition of any synthetic compounds

Detail description

Cumin Seed is the main cooking ingredient, blends with various spices to make curry powder and other blends. Seeds have a sharp and bitter taste with a nutty aroma. Our Cumin is 100% natural, delicious in healthy meals. Cumin seeds are native in European, Asian, Mexican, African, and Indian cuisines. Cumin seeds are rich in Vitamin B, C, and K, improving your skin and hair, and acts as an immune-boosting antioxidant.

Why Choose Us?

WBM is a well-reputed organization in the world with premium-grade value keeping the health of our customers privileged. Our products are 100% natural and organic, free from preservatives and colors. Our products are available in plastic bottles, reusable bottles that maintain their freshness so, we ensure a money-back guarantee for our unsatisfied customers.


Is cumin gluten-free?

Cumin is gluten-free so, allergic people can easily use it without any doubt.

Can I pay after receiving my Groceries?

Yes, we create the maximum facility for our esteemed customers. The customers can pay their bills after getting their items.

What are the benefits of cumin?

Cumin helps in controlling diarrhea, blood sugar, cholesterol and also helps to reduce weight.

Can these be eaten without adding them in anything?

Yes, these are can be eaten in raw form.

Are your products certified?

Yes. All our products are certified by many of the reputed international organizations. We have Kosher, Halal Food, and NFC Vegan certification.

Are these dried or not?

Our Himalayan Chef Cumin Seeds are dried.

What is the shelf life of these?

The expiry date is mentioned on the backside of the product and kept in a cool place sealed in an air-tight box (Our Glass shaker works preferably) and will keep going for quite a long time for about more than two years.

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