Himalayan Chef Chakki Aata Whole Wheat Flour (10 lbs 4.5 KG)

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  • Himalayan Chef Chakki Atta is obtained by grinding pure wheat to have soft Chapati.
  • Our Atta contains 100% natural ingredients Whole Wheat Grain and Bran.
  • It is the best source of consuming essential nutrients Iron, Fiber, Protein and Carbohydrates. 
  • Enjoy a healthy meal with your family and ensure overall wellness of your children.
  • Our product is available in re sealable zipper packaging, which offers consumers uncomplicated manner of opening and closing.


Our team collects Himalayan Chef Chakki Atta with 100% natural ingredients from different rural cities of Pakistan to bring you the delicious meal of your day.  

Organic: We provide our customers 100% certified organic ingredients for cooking soft and delicious roti.

Gluten free: Himalayan Chef Chakki Atta does not swell your waist and does not make you fat, it prevents you from the discomforts of gluttony. It helps in maintaining your healthy weight.

Premium Quality:

We deliver our customers Himalayan Chakki Atta of premium quality with 100% money back guarantee.

Healthy Ingredients of Chakki Atta:

Our Chakki Atta contains many of the healthy Ingredients; it contains all of the necessary nutrients which are required for healthy living. It has Sodium 3mg, Fat 1.2g, Calories 455, Carbohydrates 95.4g, Fiber 3.4g, Sugars 0.3g and Protein 12.9g (per 125g) of use. Eat quality meals and be healthy. Our all products are pure from any kind of adulteration and we deliver quality products to our customers. 

How to cook?

When you choose the best Atta for making your regular food, then you need to follow a proper recipe. Himalayan Chef Chakki Atta is used for making handmade roti and you can add the following ingredients to enhance the taste of your food. 

  • Pinch of Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Hot Water

Advantages of Kraft Packaging:

Craft packaging for Himalayan Chef Chakki Atta preserves the ingredients safely and does not let any kind of harm to the product. High quality packaging also saves the product at the time of transportation. It is environmentally friendly that means there shall not be worry of spreading pollution because Kraft packaging can be recycled. This robust packaging can be resealed, which is the biggest advantage for consumers, in this way the Himalayan Chef Chakki Atta is saved from getting wasted and remains safe from external bacteria and dirt. Seals keep the product fresh and can be easily opened and closed.

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