Himalayan Chef Premium Quality Maida Flour (Atta) - 800 G

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  • Maida is obtained by crushing white wheat flour and by separating husk from wheat.
  • Our Himalayan Chef Premium Quality Maida is used for baking naan and parathas.
  • Our Quality Maida is full of energy and is the best source of Carbohydrates and lower risks of diabetes. 
  • Our Maida helps you in brightening your skin and contains multiple beauty benefits. 
  • Premium Quality Maida comes in reseal able zipper packaging, which adds extra protection to the product.


Maida is obtained from different regions of Pakistan and we bring our customers the finest quality with authentic long and fluffy grains, which have a non-sticky texture which makes it delicious. 

Helps in gaining weight: Our product is the best for the people who want to gain weight; it contains carbohydrates which play its role in secretion of insulin and stores fat. 

Important Ingredient of Delicious Dishes: Our Himalayan Chef Premium Quality Maida is an important ingredient of many delicious dishes. It is a vital part of Samosas, Panipuri, Pastas, Noodles, Bread, Donuts, Pizzas and Burgers.

Super White and Creamy Appearance: We offer the finest quality of our products to our esteemed customers, Our Premium Quality Maida is of the purest form and all of our products are certified from Halal Foods, Non GMO Project, and Judged # 1 Tasting Salt in the World, NFC Vegan Certified and Kosher Certified. It is our aim to deliver the best; we never compromise on the quality. 

Not even a little bitter taste: Our Himalayan Chef Premium Quality Maida is moderately sweet and its taste makes it desirable among our customers.

Ingredients of Maida:

Maida is the refined form of Whole Wheat Flour; Our Premium Quality Maida is bleached with oxygen. Our High Quality product contains 7.5% of gluten. 

Various uses of Maida:

Our product is highly used in the baking industry; it contributes a lot in adding flavor to different dishes. Most often it is used for coating fried foods to develop a crispy taste. There are many other various uses of our products some of those are given below:

  • For thickening sauces.
  • Bakes bread. 
  • For baking sweets

How to use Maida?

You can use our Himalayan Chef Premium Quality Maida for trying new recipes at home. There are many dishes which you can easily prepare at home while using our product. You can use Maida for making Luchi, Nagpori Puri, Pancakes and Namak Pare. 

Craft Packaging of 800 G:

Our premium quality maida is available in 800 G packaging. Craft packaging protects the product from environmental damages and maintains the quality of the product. Craft packaging is environmentally friendly and can be reused. This packaging keeps the environment safe and clean in a way that it can be recycled.

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