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  • Origin: Himalayan Chef Garam Masala (Whole) is a simple mixture of staple spices, broadly used in Asian Cuisines
  • Ingredients: Includes whole cinnamon, peppercorns, cumin, cardamom, coriander, nutmeg, and bay leaves
  • Aroma and flavor: Garam Masala has a pungent earthy and nutty flavor to it
  • Health Benefits: Fights against oral bacteria, reduces inflammation, improves digestion
  • Organic: This Premium-Quality Garam Masala contains 100% natural ingredients, free from additives/preservatives, Non-GMO
  • Packaging: Packed to maintain freshness, available in a plastic shaker to enhance the ease of use
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our customer’s trust in us is our asset; thus, we provide a 100 % money-back assurance in case of any dissatisfaction


Himalayan Chef Garam Masala is a complex mixture of various spices. Best to be fried in hot oil so that every component releases its aroma taste into the meal. Our 100% natural product provides health benefits along with an extraordinary taste. Garam Masala protects against cancer, arthritis, and ulcer. Garam is an Indian term stated as hot, commonly. The reason for being called so is its ability to develop warmth in the body both externally and internally.

Why Choose Us?

WBM is a well-reputed brand that holds expertise in delivering the finest quality organic products. Our brand intends to satisfy our valued customers in every aspect. All the goods are 100% organic and natural, preservatives/additives-free. Our organization is renowned for its complete dedication towards its customers as it is our primary concern.


How long can we keep this garam masala and do we need to put it in the refrigerator?

Keep it for 2 years maximum. Don't put it in the refrigerator, just keep it in an area with no sunlight.

Is Garam Masala gluten-free?

Yes! Our Garam masala is gluten-free, perfect for people allergic to gluten.

Can I pay after receiving my Groceries?

Yes, we create the maximum facility for our esteemed customers. The customers can pay their bills after getting their items.

What are the benefits ofGaram masala?

It boosts metabolism, fights bad breath, and bloating. Moreover, it prevents skin problems as it is full of antioxidants.

Some people say Garam masala hinders digestion. Is it true?

Not true. Our garam masala contains a balanced amount of spices with a delightful flavor. It is not acidic at all.

Are your products certified?

All our products are certified by many of the reputed international organizations. We have Kosher, Halal Food, and NFC Vegan certification.

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