Foaming Hand Wash Apple & Kiwi-300ml | WBM Care

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  • Naturally derived foaming hand wash with lavender and almond oil extracts.
  • It`s active ingredients create rich and weightless foam with every pump and delicately leaves a fragrance.
  • Gently removes impurities and help to hydrate your hand even after a wash.
  • Helps kill germs and harmful bacteria from your hands.
  • Rinse to an amazing clean feel in just 7 sec.
  • A Product of USA.


WBM Care Apple and Kiwi Foaming Hand wash contain vitamin C from Apple and Vitamin E from Kiwi to keep your skin clean and healthy with a long -lasting fragrance. It kills bacteria and deeply cleanse dirt from the skin. It has all organic ingredients that can help protect your skin from germ, bacteria and leave a soft and smooth skin.WBM Care Apple and Kiwi Foaming Hand  are rich in vitamin C and potassium. Kiwi is packed with more vitamin C than an orange, and high in vitamin K, which plays a major role in blood clotting process. Therefore, this combination is excellent for your health.WBM Hand Wash gives you amzing clean feel and removes all impurities from your body.

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