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  • Does a Magic: Maintains balance of your skin. Prevents acne.
  • Enriched with Minerals: Its major ingredients are Vitamin A, B, C, and E.
  • Cares for Skin: You have a perfect complexion. Moisturizer sustain it. 
  • Do not let the skin dry: Immediately restores moisture. Less sticky. 
  • Online Availability: Get this product from our Online Shopping Market Place in Pakistan.
  • Can be applied under makeup: Foundation will stay for longer on smoother skin.
  • Apply before bedtime: All night it will work for hydrating your skin. Feel fresh in the morning.

Facial Moisturizer 7 In 1 Ultra:

Facial Moisturizer

There are two important tasks of moisturizer. The major one is it makes your skin smoother. In another way, it helps us in making our skin brighter. We feel fresh and energetic. The presence of Vitamin A in this product helps in healing wounds and effectively hydrate the skin. Skin glows radiantly. This product also fulfills the requirement of Vitamin B. Vitamin B, saves from acne and exceptionally essential for sensitive skin. Also helps in reducing pigments. Capable of performing the role of antioxidants. Get this product from our Online Store. And be well prepared before going to a party. 

Content for under Pictures:

  • You are beautiful. But do not let the dryness of your skin harm your beauty. Keep care of yourself. Choose the right product and maintain the health of your skin.
  • Eat healthy for glowing your skin. Apply moisturizer to protect your skin. Better skin, better looks, and the best output you will produce. Be strong in every battle and feel good and satisfied with your heart inside. 
  • The better you will feel with your skin. The better smile you will have on your face. Applying moisturizes is about fulfilling the need for the skin. We drink water when we get thirsty, your skin needs moisturizers for nourishing.


Review: 1

I have used this product for two months. I was preparing for the wedding of my brother. But fine lines and wrinkles on my face were annoying me. I used to agitate most of the time and used to find ways for its medication. I made searches on the internet to look for my problem. Let me share here with you one thing that I was afraid of buying my goods and necessities from the Online Shopping Sites in Pakistan. But having experienced wbminternational.com I can say that this website is working honestly and provide quality products to its customers. 

I was looking for many skincare products hesitantly. Because I was it was the matter of my skin. I trusted this brand. Because somewhere I have heard from one of my friends and many of my family members that this brand is rapidly emerging in our country. I thought of buying Ultra Face Moisturizer Lotion 7 in 1 Reduce Wrinkles 3.5 Oz | W Beauty from this website. I started using the product. Found results within two weeks. The fines lines on my face and wrinkles started reducing. Till the marriage of my brother. The scars and wrinkles on my face will completely recover. I can promisingly hope that. Because this product is showing outstanding results. 

Review 2:

I have sensitive skin. I care for my skin a lot. I do not go for the big names in the market. The thing which attracts me more is the quality of the product. And I always prefer those products which suit my skin tone. And provide me desired results. Does not matter how much bigger the name of the company is I do not care. I have to spend my money. I will go for that product which is my requirement. I rarely get impressed by the names of those brands which try to sell me their products by showing me the faces of some models with bright faces. Using all the techniques of advertisements.

I am not speaking in against that. I just only want my product in fine quality. At a reasonable price. My research about wbm benefitted me. The product Ultra Face Moisturizer Lotion 7 in 1 Reduce Wrinkles 3.5 Oz | W Beauty, I got from their Online Grocery Store made my belief more firm that. If I want to buy quality products that meet my exact needs. Then I need to get out of the traps that many other companies set up to impress me. And from now on I will trust the standard product.

Review 3:

I had many acne issues and I face many embarrassments. I was not able to attend parties and family gatherings. And for the first time in my life. I bought a skincare product. I used to apply to my skin before sleeping. Truthfully speaking I was not much hopeful with this product. But I was applying on my skin with an intention that I will have relief for pain for some time. In a few days, I started seeing results. It was not recovered completely but there were prominent improvements. My blackheads were gone. I got happy. I recommend this product to all the people who are reading this. Ultra-Face Moisturizer Lotion 7 in 1 Reduce Wrinkles 3.5 Oz | W Beauty is not only good for people who are suffering from acne. But also for those who want their skin smooth and healthy. 

Questions and Answers:

  • Why is it important to moisturize your face?

If you regularly use Ultra Face Moisturizer Lotion 7 in 1 Reduce Wrinkles 3.5 Oz | W Beauty for your skin, you may have few chances of having dryness. This will save you from many skin problems.

  • Why Vitamins are necessary for the skin?

Vitamins are necessary for the skin. These play a very important role in the protection of your skin. The vitamins present in Ultra Face Moisturizer Lotion 7 in 1 Reduce Wrinkles 3.5 Oz | W Beauty save your skin from getting damaged and reduces the risks of skin cancer.

  • What are the benefits of Face Moisturizer?

The use of face moisturizer saves from many skin problems. Helps in staying energetic and fresh. Removes wrinkles from your face. Use Ultra Face Moisturizer Lotion 7 in 1 Reduce Wrinkles 3.5 Oz | W Beauty after taking a shower. 

  • What makes your skin youthful?

Value your friends and family. Feel blessed of having a love for them. Always be thankful for what you have. Keep a lot of care about yourself. Take bath regularly and apply Ultra Face Moisturizer Lotion 7 in 1 Reduce Wrinkles 3.5 Oz | W Beauty on your skin before sleeping. 

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