Dish Washing Pads - 5 Pcs | WBM Home

Dish Washing Pads - 5 Pcs | WBM Home

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Dish Washing Pads - 5 Pcs | WBM Home

  • 5 Pcs High quality scouring pads.
  • Great for multipurpose usage in Kitchen, Garage, and outdoors.
  • Ideal for the cast iron pots, dishes, stove burners and grills etc.
  • Gentle on hands but tough on grease.
  • Make every day house hold cleaning tasks easier.
  • A product of USA.
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WBM home dishwashing scouring pads are ideal for cleaning tough stain from cast iron pots, stove burners, broilers, grills and other surfaces. Not only it will make your every kitchen cleaning tasks easier but you can also use it cleaning of items at other places like garage and outdoors.


Always clean the scourer thoroughly after each use to prevent accumulation of dirt.

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