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  • Cleanse flat surface without any hassle.
  • It's especially designed handles makes cleaning easy.
  • It's quality flat rubber cleans smoothly without damaging surface.
  • Uses the most popular types of plastic Material: PP Pet.
  • Available in perfect Size: 260 x 250 x 45 mm
  • A product of USA

The multipurpose window, shower and glass squeegee is a cleaner that can tackle any smooth surface and give it a brand-new shine with no streaks left behind. It comes with an ergonomic, soft handle that won't cause hand cramps as you use it, and its lightweight design helps to prevent your arm from becoming fatigued too quickly.  You can also clean surfaces such as glass tables to give them a glimmering, pristine shine.

How to use:
Always clean the bristles and handle them after each use to prevent the accumulation of dirt.

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