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  • High-quality bristles clean hard to reach areas inside the bottle.
  • Long durable neck with soft non-slip grip provides helps good scrubbing.
  • 360° rotating, cleaning, scrubbing of milk stains without harming the bottle.
  • Clean utensil walls without scratching.
  • Works equally good for stemware, pots, pans, and other delicate containers

Bottle Cleaning Brush Botlle Cleaning Brush Bottle Cleaning Brush

WBM home bottle brush is designed to fit tight corners and crevices, ensuring every part of any bottle or utensils are fully clean. Its neck can reach hard to access areas, while non slip handle provides good scrubbing to make cleaning tasks easier. WBM Home high-quality bristles effectively clean without scratching the surface.

The bristle pattern optimally reaches all corners of bottles and angled bristles eliminate splash-back during cleaning. It cleans all sizes of baby bottles. WBM Home cleaning brush angles bristles eliminate splash-back during cleaning. Its Soft-grip handle with ridges at the base designed to clean nipples.

How to use:
Wash the bristles occasionally with warm water to avoid the accumulation of dirt.

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