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  • Origin: Obtained from the flowering vine. Which belongs to the family of Piperaceae. Cultivated in Punjab.
  • 100% Natural and Organic: Our Premium Quality products are free from all sorts of preservatives and chemicals.
  • Health Benefits: Helps in reducing weight. Improves digestion system. The best medicine for cough and cold.
  • Dietary Uses: Adds a pungent flavor to your meal. Sprinkle some amount of it in your regular meal.
  • Nutritious Value: Our Premium Quality product is highly enriched with minerals and vitamins. 
  • Online Availability: You can easily get it from our Online Shopping Market Place in Pakistan.
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: Keeps the product safe. The environment does not get polluted. And easy opening and closing.


Our High Quality product contains an appropriate amount of calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium, iron and manganese. There are numerous benefits of our High Quality product. That is why it is known as the King of spices. It adds a pungent flavor to your meal. Just some pinches are required to add a delicious flavor in your regular meal. You can get this Premium Quality Product from our Online Grocery Store. It helps in reducing weight. There are many advantages of Pink Salt. It cures nasal congestion and asthma. And, reduces the risks of cancer. 

How to Cook?

Use Himalayan Chef Black Pepper Whole in your regular meals. Add it into salads for enhancing its flavor. You can add it in your omelettes and many other dishes in which we use eggs. It can be used with fruits. Sprinkle some amount of Black Pepper in your sauces, stocks, hamburgers and soups. 


  • How can I pay for buying Online Groceries?

There are very simple and easy payment methods for buying Online Groceries. We create the maximum facility for our privileged customers. wbm offers the option of Cash on Delivery. You can also buy your requirements with your Debit or Credit card. And also via jazz cash and easy paisa. 

  • In how much time my order gets delivered?

Your order reaches your door within 3 to 4 business days. We deliver your order with our complete responsibility and honesty. Neither we keep our customers in false hopes nor we make false promises. 

  • Why to choose wbm?

Our brand is one of the leading brands in the international market. “Quality Is Our Passion”. We believe in 100% customer’s satisfaction. We offer 100% money back guarantee to our customers.  Our all High Quality Products are certified from Halal Foods, Kosher Certified, NFC Vegan Certified, Non GMO Project, Judged # 1 Tasting Salt in the World.

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